Various weather conditions can create a unique challenge when it comes to a concrete restoration.

As a leader in the field of concrete restoration, R&J can benefit building owners and managers from both the knowledge of our personnel and the application of the latest materials. Today's repair mortars offer a product which is denser and stronger, providing a better overall repair. Deck coatings which offer elastomeric waterproofing abilities serve as an insurance to protect the investment in the concrete.

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Some of our waterproofing services include Urethane Injection, Underground Waterproofing, Control Joint Repairs and Sealant Replacement, and Deck Coatings. In some cases what may seem to be a simple and mundane paint job on the exterior elevations of a high-rise structure is, in fact, a complex combination of different products and application methods designed to seal the building envelope. R&J's staff pride themselves on using the very best products available for every service.

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The various styles and materials available for guardrail use provide a prominent architectural feature on high-rise buildings. More importantly, however, is their ability to
help prevent against accidents. Code changes in recent years have centered on reducing the amount of open area with the rail to decrease the risk of young children and pets falling from the balconies.

R&J Coatings and Waterproofing, Inc. specializes in rail repair and replacement on hi-rise structures.

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