The various styles and materials available for guardrail use provide a prominent architectural feature on high-rise buildings. More importantly, however, is their ability to help prevent accidents. Code changes in recent years have centered on reducing the amount of open area with the rail to decrease the risk of young children and pets falling from the balconies.

R&J Coatings and Waterproofing, Inc. specializes in rail repair and replacement on hi-rise structures.


Available in many styles, aluminum has become the most popular and most economic choice. In our very corrosive climate choices must be made as to how well the metal is protected.

Powder coats have long been a standard method, but after just a few years of our weather they begin to display blistering and eventually the coatings are removed by the wind.

The exposed aluminum now begins to oxidize, creating an unsightly and perhaps even dangerous situation. To sand and paint is very laborious and thus expensive, also becoming a maintenance nightmare. To remove the rails, provide a temporary barrier, and send them to a coating company for recoat is even more expensive. For a little more, new rails can be built and coated, being covered by a new warranty.

We at R&J prefer a more long-term approach using Kynar coatings, which have been designed for our corrosive environment, will last longer, and save money in the long term.


A beautiful feature, generally found on older buildings which need to be inspected and maintained. We recommend performing these tasks during a paint or restoration cycle to avoid additional expensive access costs.

The concrete balustrades, top caps, and posts have rebar reinforcement which after a period of years, can begin to corrode causing cracking of the concrete elements. If caught early repairs are practical, but to repair severe cracking is a waste of time and money.

Severely damaged panels should be replaced for both long-term economics, or more importantly public safety.