Towers Condo

Daytona Beach, FL

The first hi-rise on Daytona's beachside, the Towers was constructed in 1962-1963. R&J has been contracted to restore the concrete in the parking garage and on the parking deck. 40+ years of salt air and a badly ventilated garage took its toll on the concrete. The east wall of the garage is the seawall, which had been battered by the '04 storm season, producing severe cracking of the corroding structure. It was necessary to completely remove the seawall and provide a more robust structure to withstand future storms.
The Towers garage has now been restored to its former grandeur, benefiting from the latest concrete, corrosion resistant steel and deck coating technology.
2017 saw the beginning of the first professional restoration of the entire structure. Particular attention was made by the project engineer to structural columns and beams, which needed very close and careful attention.

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