Surfside South Condo

Ormond Beach, FL

This 75 unit structure located in Ormond By the Sea was beginning to display deterioration on the East facing balconies, window sills, support beams, and concrete rails. This year-long project included the replacement of many concrete posts, balustrades, and top caps which make up the unique concrete railings. After concrete excavation of the balcony decks, the steel was prepared per ICRI standards, and a new polymer modified concrete matrix was applied. The decks were finished with a waterproof and decorative system.
The vertical walls of the entire structure were treated with an elastomeric coating to prevent further water intrusion. It was necessary to completely strip many window units of all existing sealants and weather stripping and replace them with the latest urethane technology.
An interesting item in the scope of work was the removal of the old stone elevator tower facade. The frame work of which was rusting and was in danger of collapse. With demolition complete, a new stucco system was installed.
In 2006 a secondary restoration and paint project was undertaken. The east elevation completed 6 years previously was in good shape and benefited from a fresh coat of paint and deck coatings. The focus however was the west elevation, the walkways and concrete rails were thoroughly inspected with all damaged concrete and rails replaced.
In 2011 a further, much smaller restoration was completed, and a fresh coat of 100% acrylic coating was applied to the building's exterior.
2011 and 2016 saw further restoration and waterproofing projects and each succeeding project has seen a major reduction in the amount of concrete repair.
The Board and Management have created a beautifully maintained building.

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