Regency Plaza Condo

Ormond Beach, FL

Regency Plaza Condominium, a landmark on the north peninsula, contracted with our company to provide concrete restoration, waterproofing and door/window change outs.
This technically challenging project called for the latest corrosion control techniques and new anodized doors and windows complying with the latest wind resistance requirements of the Florida Building Code.
The building suffered badly from water intrusion during the hurricane season of '04 and the Board of Directors made a commitment to upgrading the structure, so the problems are never repeated. One of the major problems was the original doors and windows, which generally were in poor shape.
The initial phase involved the east facing cantilevered balconies. During demolition activities it was noted that the reinforcing steel was unusually spaced, and the consulting engineer ran calculations and established that the balconies required strengthening. The engineer presented different ideas to the Board and the condominium's Board of Directors preferred the use of state of the art carbon fiber.
Once the concrete restoration was completed and carbon fiber applications completed, R&J’s staff installed a cathodic protection system to all 156 balcony decks. The final finish involved elastomeric coatings applied to the entire building topped with a 100% acrylic paint for longevity and cleanliness. The project was completed in the spring of 2006.... and UNDER budget. Very unusual in our industry.
2008-2009 saw work completed on the parking garage and parking deck. New structural strengthening techniques have been used under the engineer’s direction, which has provided new life to this pre-cast concrete system. New Emseal Control Joints have been installed and urethane deck coatings supply the final waterproofing finish.
In 2014 work started on the repainting of the building. The major benefit being that only an acrylic finish coat need be applied as the previously applied elastomeric coating is still protected. The solid board decision made in 2004 is now paying back residents as the minimal restoration being encountered clearly shows.
For many years we have enjoyed working with the board and management, helping to protect the building from our coastal weather pattern.

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