Perennial Vacation Club

Daytona Beach Shores

This timeshare resort began life as a motel and was converted to a very well-kept family structure.  R&J's involvement began when it was evident that the pre-stressed planks which formed the balcony and floor structure began to fail.  The initial probes revealed corrosion on the cables through water and chloride-ion intrusion. 

After carefully removing the 1st deck, it was evident that mass replacement was the most economic, long term answer.  We therefore removed the complete slabs and replaced them with a special 5500 PSI ready mix of extraordinary design.

The storm season of 2004 caused major seawall damage, allowing the high ocean tides to create openings between the panels, allowing the sandy soil supporting the pool deck to be washed out.  A pool deck collapse was inevitable.  The rebuild process involved concrete repair and soil stabilization techniques. 

R&J also recently assisted Perennial's management with a complete exterior facelift, where waterproofing was a major focus.  The building now has great "curb appeal". 

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