Ormond Holiday Club

Ormond Beach, FL

One of many pre-cast concrete plank projects built in this area during the 70's, Ormond Holiday Club has been keeping up with the maintenance necessary on this oceanfront facility.
Plank reconstruction, windowsill repairs, beam and column structural reinforcement, and seawall repairs have all been a part of the ongoing restoration requirements.
The beach access steps have also been a point of interest as it was noted that the undersides were displaying severe corrosion. After the necessary shoring, deteriorated concrete removal began, exposing corroded rebar which needed to be replaced. With new steel epoxy dowelled in place, the polymer modified concrete was poured in place.
To date, we have replaced areas of seawall cap, and have exposed the links to the tie-backs, which anchor the seawall. The seawall tieback areas are monitored twice yearly for any evidence of additional cracking.
In 2012 R&J undertook a complete restoration and coatings project which will protect the buildings against the elements.
It has been a pleasure working with the board for so many years, taking care of their concrete restoration and waterproofing needs.
Ormond Holiday Club has a system of regular checking of the structural elements and a yearly/two yearly program of repair, of which R&J is proud to be the approved contractor.

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