Ashley Condo

Daytona Beach Shores, FL

One of the newer hi-rises in Daytona Beach Shores, the Ashley has a beautiful glass encased atrium. The more elaborate the design, the more likely that unusual problems may occur. The placement of the control joint under difficult to maintain planters has led to much water leakage into the parking garage. R&J injected hydrophilic urethanes into the water intrusion areas during periods of leakage. The results were initially mixed with some leaks sealed, others still leaking and new leaks appearing. These types of repairs can be instantly successful or require additional applications. The Ashley required four applications until we achieved a dry garage - fairly extreme, but very cost efficient.
In 2013 we started the first major restoration of the property involving balcony restoration, waterproof deck coatings and a complete exterior paint and sealant application. A beautiful project that came in under budget.
The west side restoration involving the walkways was completed in 2018. Later 2018 will see the resurfacing of the traffic deck.

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