Aliki Condo

Daytona Beach, FL

One of the first true hi-rises in the Daytona Beach area, the Aliki is a landmark on Atlantic Avenue.
Thirty years of salt laden wind and rain has caused extensive corrosion in the balcony decks, columns and retaining walls. The engineer specified a complete restoration with a final waterproofing application to protect the new concrete from any premature deterioration. The project began in May 2003 and was completed in June 2004. Many of the balcony decks and retaining walls had to be completely replaced.
The building went through the intense hurricane season of 2004 with no leaks through the installed waterproofing system.
After state and local permitting in 2005 we demolished and rebuilt the carports which were in poor shape after 30 years exposure to the elements. The engineer directed that we construct the new carports as closely as possible to the previous design but utilizing the 5500PSI Bulk Mix with water reducing additives.
A further project, the parking decks began in early 2008. The existing asphalt covering was removed to relieve the excess weight on the structure. The new finish will be a robust polyurethane traffic deck system. This multi-coat system provides an elastomeric basecoat with multiple topcoats.
The final phase of the coating system began in December 2008 which saw the repair and coatings of the colonnade area (veranda), which has received a decorative final finish.
2015 saw another building restoration where management, contractor and engineer proved to be a great team. Plans are afoot to resurface the parking deck extending the lifespan of this extremely important structural element. We applaud the board and management for their careful planning.

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